EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Efficient and automated data exchange of business documents.
EDI connects -similar to our cable and connectivity solutions- our cooperation. It enables ERP system-independent further processing of our business documents and offers numerous advantages:

  • Faster processing times
  • Efficient business processes
  • Data accuracy
  • Input errors are avoided
  • Qualitative increase
  • Reduced paper-based document exchange

EDI – Options at a glance

  • Document types
    • Start with us in the project with the basic document types such as order confirmations or purchase orders. Further expansion is possible at any time.
  • Bills
    • Simplify and optimize your invoice control with the receipt of invoices in electronic form.
  • Formats
    • EDIFACT e.g. 96a, SAP IDOC, FIX record, Opentrans and many more. We serve the common standard.

Direct wire

To realize your procurement process with the help of EDI, your support is needed.
Our IT department will be happy to contact you to make the connection as efficient as possible.

Common preparation questions:

  • Does your company already work with EDI?
  • What format do you use?
  • Which document types do you use?
  • Which transmission path would you like to use?
  • When would a connection be feasible for you?

EDI request

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