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Our Code of Conduct.


Conflicts of Interest

We avoid conflict of interests which arise when one’s private or personal interests compete or conflict (or even appear to compete or conflict) with the interests of our company.

Sicherung persönlicher Daten

Safeguarding Personal Data

We respect the integrity of the persons we deal with and adhere to data privacy regulations. We use personal data only for legitimate business purposes.

Geistiges Eigentum und Informationssicherheit

Intellectual Property and Information Security

We protect our intellectual property rights – our patents, designs, copyrights, technology, our software, our source code, our methods, our copyrights and our knowhow.


Equal Opportunities

We believe in a dynamic and diverse professional environment, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation in our operations.

Fairer Wettbewerb

Fair Competition

We ensure the highest possible standards to encourage and support business practices aimed at fair competition.



Our relationships are based on honesty, trust and the aim for the collective good. Corruption damages these relationships, so we work against corruption-in all its forms.
Geschenke, Unterhaltung und Hospitalität

Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality

We are able to make ehtical decisions and only accept gifts and entertainment if they are reasonable, proportionate and made in good faith.


Environmental awareness

We aim to make our company more environmentally friendly. We promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels by complying with all applicable environmental legislation.


Anti-Money Laundering

We are committed to complying with applicable anti-money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing laws and regulations.


Human Rights

We do everything to support and respect internationally recognized human rights. We do not want to be involved in circumstances that affect the dignity of the human being.


Insider Trading

We prohibit the use or disclosure of any and all material non-public information about our organization or other companies for use in the financial markets.



We sponsor sporting, cultural or other social activities in a transparent manner. We do not attempt to influence the programme for the event.

Ökonomische Grundsätze

Economic principles

We support the principles of the free market with fair competition and act in accordance with all applicable rules.

Betrug und Veruntreuung von Vermögenswerten

Fraud and Misappropriation of Assets

We do not accept fraud, whether committed against us or against our customers, suppliers, or partners.

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