04.10.30 KAWEFLEX® 6530 SK-TP-C-PUR UL/CSA, low capacity


Twisted pair shielded electronic cable for data and signal transmission for high electrical and mechanical requirements in drag chains, in electrical motion facilities, machine tools and handling automats.

Special Features

  • UL/CSA approved
  • low adhesion, silicone-free
  • UV-resistant
  • halogen free, flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2, FT1, VW1
  • oilresistant acc. to DIN EN 60811-404
  • largely resistant to grease, coolant fluids and lubricants
  • recommended for EMC-compatible applications


  • conform to RoHS
  • conform to 2014/35/EU-Guideline ("Low-Voltage Directive") CE
  • We are pleased to produce special versions, other dimensions, core and jacket colours on request.

Structure & Specifications

conductor_material bare copper strand
conductor_class super fine wires acc.to VDE 0295 cl. 6 pt. 4 resp. IEC60228 cl. 6 pt. 4
insulation_material PELON®2
wire_identification coloured acc. to DIN 47100
shielding_total copper braid tinned, coverage approx. 85% ± 5%
twisting_total cores twisted to pairs, pairs stranded in layers
outersheath_material PUR
sheath_color grey RAL 7001
voltage_nominal acc. to VDE: 300/300V; acc. to UL: 300 V
voltage_test core/core: 1.500 V; core/shield: 500 V
resistance_conductor at +20 °C acc. to DIN VDE 0295 cl.6 resp. IEC60228 cl.6
resistance_isolation at +20 °C ≥ 500 MΩ x km
carrying_capacity acc. to DIN VDE
capacity core/core: approx. 65 pF/m
inductance approx. 0,6 mH/km
bending_radius_smallest_fixed 5 x d
bending_radius_smallest_moving 7,5 x d < 10 m TL; 10 x d ≥ 10 m TL
operating_temperature_fixed -50 °C / +80 °C
operating_temperature_moving -40 °C / +80 °C
fire_behaviour flame-retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1-2, FT1, VW1
oil_resistance acc. to DIN EN 60811-2-1
approbation UL/CSA - cURus 300V, 80°C
traversing_speed self-supporting: max. 10 m/s, gliding: max. 5 m/s
traversing_way max. 50 m
acceleration max. 20 m/s²

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