TKD introduces new connection cable H07RN-F PREMIUM

Highly flexible and versatile in use


TKD introduces new connection cable H07RN-F PREMIUM

Like the H07ZZZ-F, the new cable is halogen-free and flame-retardant. It is also ideally suited for continuous use in water - parallel to the H07BB-F and H07RN8-F. The robust cable allows a maximum operating temperature of up to 90° C and is cold-resistant up to -50° C (fixed installation). This makes it an alternative for the H07BN4-F. Compared to the standard model H07RN-F, the new cable is also characterised by a lower power dissipation and a higher current carrying capacity.

The H07RN-F PREMIUM can be used in hazardous areas, in agricultural operations, on construction sites, at cranes and harbours, in sewage treatment plants or in event technology - the H07RN-F PREMIUM offers numerous possible applications. It is suitable for fixed installation on plaster or components as well as for flexible applications with high mechanical, thermal or electrical requirements. The connection cable is resistant to UV, ozone and oil and can therefore easily be installed in dry and humid rooms as well as outdoors or in water. The wide range of applications of the H07RN-F Premium reduces stockholding to a single product. This creates significant cost savings. In addition, the connection cable can be used with an operating voltage of up to 1,000 V.

On request, we can also manufacture special designs and modified cables, for example with regard to specific dimensions, cross-sections and wire and sheath colours. Talk to us about it!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Halogen free (LSOH) and flame retardant
  • Heat resistant up to 90°C and cold-resistant up to -50°C (solid) or -40°C (moving)
  • Suitable for continuous use in water (no drinking water): moves up to 10 m water depth, fixed installation up to 100 m water depth (also in salt water)
  • Lower power dissipation and higher current carrying capacity
  • Suitable for fixed installation and flexible applications
  • UV, ozone and oil resistant
  • Cost savings through reduced stockholding and use up to 1,000 V (with protected, fixed installation according to DIN EN 50565-2)
  • Special versions possible
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