KAWEFLEX® series

New 6-Series boosts performance and availability


KAWEFLEX® series

We have completely revised our KAWEFLEX® control and data cables for use in energy supply and drag chain systems and brought them to a common denominator.

The previous product lines 3 and 5 were combined in the new 6-series. In this context, we have reduced our product groups from 26 to 14. By minimizing the variety of parts, not only availability is increased, but storage costs are also significantly reduced. It goes without saying that all the proven properties of the old series have been taken over and optimized. For example, the new KAWEFLEX® 6-series cables are even more effective for highly flexible moving applications.

The cable types, types and designs are adapted to the respective application requirements. Whether light, normal or high requirements - the KAWEFLEX® portfolio offers the right solution in every case. All cables are UL/CSA approved.

The modified core insulation made of PELON®2 ensures higher dielectric strength and reduced leakage currents for all data lines as well as the control lines of the 6130 and 6230 variants. In addition, particularly long cable lengths are possible due to low capacitance values.

The shielded version without an inner sheath also reduces the outside diameter and considerably reduces weight. At the same time, acquisition costs can be reduced without impairing the quality of the installation.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Different cable types for all requirements
  • UL/CSA approval
  • Modified core insulation made of PELON®2 for lower capacitance values, reduced leakage currents and higher dielectric strength
  • Reduced outer diameter and weight saving due to shielded versions without inner sheathing
  • Outdoor use possible thanks to PUR outer jacket
  • Extended operating temperature ranges
  • Oil resistance according to DIN EN 60811-1-2
  • Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2 (depending on version FT2, FT1 & VW1)
  • Halogen-free (variants with the material combination PELON®2 and PUR)
  • DESINA-compliant (unshielded versions)
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