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The spectrum of Plant and Mechanical Engineering is just as diverse as the customers’ requirements for components and systems in the energy chain market. Starting from fully automated applications to integrated production lines, we ensure the reliable supply of power and data, which is essential for a frictionless process.
Whether highly dynamic applications in energy supply chains, robotic applications or fixed cables – TKD fulfills your individual requirements in Mechanical and Plant Engineering and offers the perfect cable and connectivity solutions.

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Highly flexible power and control cables for high electrical and mechanical requirements in the energy supply chain.

Our control and connecting cable KAWEFLEX® 6130 SK-PUR UL/CSA is a real all-rounder among cables in mechanical and plant engineering and the perfect choice for drag chain applications in motion. Due to the PUR outer jacket material, the cable offers excellent resistance to oils and lubricants. Designed for movement in the drag chain, the structure allows the smallest bending radii of 7.5 x d and travel distances of up to 50m, ensuring ideal cable routing. As standard, the cable has UL/CSA approval for use in North America.

As a shielded version, our KAWEFLEX® 6230 SK-C-PUR UL/CSA offers the best possible EMC protection in motion. Due to a rated voltage of 600V/1000V, both cables can also be used as motor and connection cables.

Querschnitt Mehrleiterkabel mit Schutzummantelung und detaillierter Kernansicht

As a highly flexible, low-capacity connection and control cable for high electrical and mechanical requirements in drag chains and moving drives in mechanical and plant engineering.

Schnittansicht eines mehradrigen Kabel mit robustem Mantel und detailgetreuer Querschnittszeichnung

As a highly flexible, low-capacitance, shielded connection and control cable for EMC-compliant cabling with high electrical and mechanical requirements in drag chains and moving drives in mechanical and plant engineering.

Drag chain cables from TKD successfully in use


A true all-rounder from TKD Kabel GmbH ensures reliability for the technologically highly qualified machines and systems of LEMO Maschinenbau GmbH…

TKD Connect drag chain systems – Variants

A harmonized system for reliable use in your application.
From the basic energy chain to ready-to-install systems. Materials and components used are designed for highest durability.


Detailansicht einer leeren Schleppkette mit Schnellverschlussmechanismen

Drag chain with desired internal separation and strain relief


Modell einer Schleppkette mit Industriekabeln für organisierte Führung und Schutz

Drag chain with desired internal separation, cables inserted and strain relief


Modell einer Schleppkettenleitung mit verschiedenen Elektrokabeln

Drag chain with desired internal separation, cables inserted with connectors


Detailbild für Schleppkettenleitungen

Special constructions, extensions and steel chains for various applications

We accompany you from the first second on.

Your success is our drive. We have a passion for finding failure-proof and reliable energy chain systems and cable solutions for your applications. Whether it is the initial idea, the design or the maintenance of existing plants, we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right cable or in designing complex energy chain systems. You benefit from unique advice and long experience of our experts in this field.


Max Herrmann

Product Management

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Hochleistungs-Industriesteckverbinder und Kabel für zuverlässige elektrische Verbindungen

Assembly solution from a single source.

Use our Connectivity-Service. Whether plug with cable, cable accessories or spiral cables. We offer you the right solution from a single source. Our assembled connectivity solutions enable the acceleration of manufacturing processes and the bundling of suppliers according to manufacturer specifications or individual requirements. Just a few clicks to your required cable.

Fertigungslinie in Fabrik mit mehreren Industrierobotern in Aktion

Fast & simple access to your cable

Movement made simple. Together with you, we project and manufacture the suitable cables and the ideal drag chain for your application, all from one source. Find more drag chain suitable cables here and choose your preferred cable from over 1700 articles.

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